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Originally Posted by hasselbrad View Post
What other offenses should carry a death sentence?
I bet PD says posting spoilers for movies that have yet to open in Uruguay.
hreh, not quite for this one, since I've read the book, but you are right. Spoilers are voodoo provokers.

I could turn this thread into a "oh what the hell, just kill everybody and get over with it" thread, so maybe I should refrain from comments.

I wouldn't mind killing off stalkers, though. "Innocent" types, such as that kid in your class who always used to chase you around the playground or the real I-want-some-of-your-clothes-to-smell type. They make me shudder.
Posers, copycats with no imagination that simply drive you insane by trying to be somebody else (and failing), show-offs, ignorant people who have no interest in gaining knowledge whatsoever and still insist they are right even when it has been proven to them over and over that they are not, racists, the "I'm a jerk and I'm glad of it, here, let me show you just how annoying I can be" types, etc.

(I told you I would turn this thread into a "kill them all" one...Haz'd be proud)
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