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I'm pretty sure even Keira knows how to use a spellchecker, and has even a basic grasp of the fundamentals of the English language... like correct use of the shift key.

bend it like becham and pirates of the caribean.
Myself, who is dyslexic, had to study through the school holidays, and I was only permitted to work on productions if they didn't interf
My latest role sees her b
Scared Of Pirates jokeing
acting and messing about with jthe lads
I was orn On A bet ... my famiy were realy poor and my mum realy whanted another child and my dad said you can have a child if you sell aplay script and she did and wala her ei am ) quote but a few.

and even if there was the slightest possibility that was her... it' would be the single most pretentious and self-aggrandising biography ever written.

That is so obviously a copy and paste from our biography page with a few alterations to try and shift it from the third person to the first.

So to answer your question, no. There isn't a hope in hell that that is the real keira, just like every other myspace, facebook, bebo, habbo, LiveJournal profile that makes a point of saying "I am not a fake" as many times as possible.
Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche
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