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Originally Posted by barrington View Post
You're correct, the D40 won't autofocus without an AF-S lens which is a bit of a pain. I'm not sure about any other makes of camera but the Nikons have a nifty through-the-lens manual focus assist thing that will tell you when you're on the mark in MF. Takes a little practice but I can pretty much nail an f/1.8 manual focus in about 3 seconds now. Clearly I'm not going to be using it for particularly fast-moving anythings but at 40 for a prime I'm not complaining.
Well the lenses are the ones which stand the test of time, if you upgrade your SLR, your lenses will continue to work, and hopefully be able to drive the lens.
Which is why, in specs I like the D80.
The new Canon 450D with the IS kit lens looks quite neat.
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