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My Opinion

Yes, I think we all agree Orlando Bloom is gorgeous, but more than that, he is a wonderful actor and the fact that keira once said in an interview that she would love to kiss him again because he has soft lips make me want to be an actress and land his love interest even more. Besides that, he seems to be a nice guy and in a recent interview with Kate Bosley(his ex girlfriend for those of you who don`t know) said that they both fell in love before they were famous and they had an intense realtionship. I honestly hope that Keira goes out with Orlando. So what if he hasn`t won any prestigous awards? He`s still got plenty of time. And Keira is young right now, she met him when she was 17. He is a nice guy, and she deserves a great first love. The only thing is, does Keira realize that? Anyway, Orlando bloom has come out in PoTC,Lord of the Rings, Black Hawk Down,Troy with Brad Pitt and he came out in Elizabethtown. He is in the process of making one film which is due out in august. I went to his website. I did my homework. And if you agree with my opinion, please contact me. I`m new to this site and I think it would be great if I could meet some people to chat about the amazing actress that is Keira. FYI, In case you can`t tell, I`m a girl who is in love with Gerard Butler, that`s the only reason why I have a man for my icon. Just thought you might want to know.
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