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Bought some lenses:

Pentax FA 50mm f1.4 AF prime lens for night time and badly lit sports hall action shots.

Sigma EX 105mm f2.8 Macro lens for the details.

Oh, and recently bought one of these: an MDA Vario III for the mobile broadband, messaging and PIM features (and the windows mobile 6 hacking)

Adidas competition approved Taekwondo shin guards:

As my onboard sound went dead, I bought myself a Creative xtremegamer

Oh, and for Xmas I got one of these:

With Mario Galaxy, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Zelda crossbow training, and soon I shall have Zelda and Zack and Wiki.

...hmmm I've bought more than I expected...

Oh, and one of these:

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