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Ok, here is the story. It's long. Hold tight.

Katy and I were happy friends. I'm already out, my parents are NOT happy, just generally stressed about it as I think most parents are, but we get along ok. Things are stable. Katy is just a 'good mate' and my parents like her. She comes for dinner, hangs out with my brother, etc etc.
Then after some time, there comes the whole sexual tension between us. Totally unacknowledged by either of us, might I add. Note: at this moment there IS NOTHING GOING ON between us. Totally platonic. Now, my mother and I had a quite close relationship, and she picked up on my vibes, like some scary mum radar, and confronts me, accusing Katy and I of sleeping together. This is totally untrue, I tell her so. Cue screaming argument.
Scene is now the next day at school. I say to Katy "omigod, guess what? My mum thinks WE'RE TOGETHER!! How weird is THAT??" Cue uncomfortable silence.
Soooo...later that day. Katy bumbs into mum in the parking lot. She says to mum, "by the way, I know what you think is going on between me and your daughter, I just want to reassure you, there's nothing happening." My mum is really pissed at me for telling Katy, but life goes on.
The next WEEK, like 5 DAYS later, Katy and I hook up after a ball. Now, mum thinks both I and Katy horrible horrible lesbian freaks, and also that Katy is a horrible horrible lesbian LIAR.
Try convincing my mother that there wasn't anything going on that afternoon, yet one week later we're very much involved.

Phew. Are you still awake?? That's the short verson.
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