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Here's my perspective.

I'm a gay female in a long term relationship. I live in New Zealand, where there is no legal gay marriage (or weddings...or whatever). The law here is that if you are in a de facto relationship for more than 3 years, that relationship has the same legal weighting. So, being that I have been in an adult relationship with my gay partner for this amount of time, in the eyes of NZ law, if we broke up it would be treated as a "divorce".
Quite cool aye? I think so.
However. This doesn't take effect for stuff like home loans (which is where we are running into trouble).
Now, NZ is currently looking at introducing a Civil Union Bill. Which would mean that my love and I could go and sign this piece of paper, effectivly "marrying" us in the eyes of the law. The bonus in this for me is that it's not a religious ceremony at all. Doesn't stop us having a party or whatever though, to celebrate!!
Would this "Civil Union" bother anyone here?
Assuming the fact we're gay doesn't disgust you.

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