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Song Jam Session Lameness

So I posted this on these other forums I go to which is kinda music based, and got pretty much no reply.

And then I was like "OH SHIT! I should post this diddly on KKW."

So this is a song that I wrote (there's no lyrics at the moment, but I will add them eventually) that is still being constructed. This version of the song is basically a bunch of my friends jamming to it. I must warn you it's a little cluttered. If I ever seriously recorded this It would be more of a folk song, with only one lead guitar riff, and it wouldn't be much. The drumming is kind of off because the guy who was drumming never really plays them, he's actually a guitarists. But I figured I'd share with you anyway because some of you might be interested. You just have to enter the code it gives you into the text field and then it'll let you download the file.

The mic used was a Bluemic Snowball which connects to the computer via USB, and I think I'm going to buy one because they're under 100 dollars and the sound quality is really nice.

Anyway, check it out. Any feedback would be cool, too. Even if you think it's bad.

My friend described it as a bad Built to Spill song, which I took as a huge complement.
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