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Originally Posted by peach View Post
Aqua Marina. i bought it from one of the Lush shops. Whenever i've walked past one of the shops it smells so nice but I never been to one. I got a couple of other stuff aswell. Think they have a website.
I *knew* it. I wasn't going to say anything until you head, but seaweed cleanser just spells out L-U-S-H to me. I love their stuff. I prefer Angels on Bare Skin myself, but I gave Aqua Marina to my sister for Christmas once.

I am a total and complete Lush addict. Their stuff is fair trade, animal testing-free and doesn't contain any experimental synthetic crap, the likes of which you'll find in most other cosmetic products.

I recently bought one of their solid deodorants. No more aluminium salts and parabens in MY armpits.
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