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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Bah! Have I not mentioned I'm an Eagles fan? Still, I take heart from the fact that NOBODY has played that well against the Pats this year, not even the Colts. Feeley had the game of his life...two mistakes cost him, and the Eagles. Can't see anyone beating the Pats this year on that performance.

On to football and I still am not worried, even after Arsenal finally lost a match this season. We were the last English side to be unbeaten in all competitions and are still one of only two Premiership sides to be unbeaten in the league. At least this way I won't constantly be reminded of the fact that Arsenal last lost a match on April 7th (my birthday) against West Ham...a game I was at (worse, I was at the end West Ham scored at).
My condolences on the Eagles fanship.
Oh, and my condolences on Arsenal's unbeaten streak coming to an end. Who'd have thought that the last two unbeaten streaks in the Premiership would be ended by Reading and Middlesbrough. Arsrenal may very well have saved two managers' jobs in the space of a few days.
Reading looks like they are getting back to where they were last season. As does Derby...that place being the Championship. What a dreadful showing. As for teams that have turned it around, Bolton and Spurs look like they're adjusting to their new managers. I would imagine that Fulham will be the next team to have to make that adjustment. I don't want to see Fulham relegated, but it's beginning to look like a real possibility. Sanchez just doesn't seem to have any answers.
West Ham has really made me proud so far. Tenth in the table and nine from eighteen in their last six games, including this weekend's win at Blackburn is a really remarkable run of form given the number of injuries. We may just challenge for a spot in the UEFA Cup once some of the goal scorers get well and those on the pitch start to convert more opportunities. Ashton missed an absolute sitter and I've lost count of how many Solano has missed so far this season. Of course, with the defense playing so well and Robert Green continuing to play lights out, most times, we only need one. Four points from trips to Parks Fratton and Ewood are more than I could have hoped for.
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