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Robert Green is God.
Two penalty saves in added time to preserve a point in two of West Ham's last three games gives us five from three instead of three from three. He does tend to make mistakes with crosses, but when the heat is on, he is fucking nails.
Shame to see Spurs out of the relegation zone.
Bolton 1 - Manchester United 0. Wasn't expecting to see that scoreline. Didn't see the game, so I have no idea what the run of play was like, but I imagine it was something like West Ham's 1-0 win over them last year. Shock goal against overwhelming possession.
The scousers won by a combined 10-1 and amazingly, neither club was playing Derby. I guess Newcastle fans could gain some satisfaction from Sunderland's 7-1 beatdown by Everton. That, and the fact that their own ass-kicking could have been a lot worse. Torres missed a couple that he shouldn't have. Big Sam's looking less and less like the missing ingredient from Champions League football with every passing match. Perhaps he'll be England's next manager.

Arsenal looked like a champion...kind of like the New England Patriots. In a game against a lesser, struggling opponent who are playing their hearts out, they kept their cool and didn't lose focus.
Arsenal 2 - Wigan 0.
Patriots 31 - Eagles 28.
And now they have a three point lead with a game in hand.
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