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Well, Bruce to Wigan certainly mucks up the picture. Now I'm not so certain Birmingham will stay up. I certainly don't see them bringing in a dynamic manager before January because of their ownership situation. I've heard Paul Jewell's name connected with Birmingham City, but I'm not sure he wants to come back to management that bad. As for Bruce, I understand how tenuous he must have felt his situation was, but Wigan? That's a lateral move, at best.
So far, I have to say Curbs has done the best job of any manager this year. For West Ham to be in the top half of the table despite all of the players missing due to injury is quite remarkable. Dean Ashton spends less time on the pitch than Michael Owen. Bellamy, Bowyer and Noble all have had hernia operations. Virtually every summer signing has missed significant playing time this season. Parker, Dyer, Ljungberg and Faubert have managed only a bit more playing time than I have this season.
Eriksson would have to be right up there if it weren't for the 6-0 drubbing at Stamford Bridge. Manchester City seemed to have cooled off a bit and I think they may be headed back toward their rightful (read: middle of the table) place.
I still think that Manchester United have the tools needed to exert their will on the rest of the league now that the yellow balls have been rolled out. I think Arsenal will begin to fade as the weather turns in favor of the scousers, Mancs and Welsh. With Rooney out, United may suffer, but Tevez seems up to the challenge.
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