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Hello. =D Quick question

Originally Posted by kingdumbass View Post
From :

"General fanmail for Keira (or other POTC cast members) should go to this official address:

Keira Knightley,
c/o Lindy King, PFD,
Drury House, 34-43
Russell St., London,
WC2B 5HA, U.K.

Remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope (showing your name and address) if you send personal items to be signed and returned to you. "
Hi, I'm new here. =)

I'm sending a fanletter to Keira and a picture to possibly have autographed, but I live in I can't send a stamped addressed envelope to her, because I don't have English stamps. What would you advise me to do? Please and thank you.
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