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Ermmm....well let me think...from the looks I love backs...omg they're big and strong well compared to mine and there is a whole story about them...that I won't tell.. and then there are hands...big hands...GOD... I love when I feel little compared to know and when they hug you feel protected and tiny...! Girls you do know whot I'm talking about don't you?

And then there is the more important part...the "whot's inside the head" I love when we have similar sense of humor...and of course the respect for each other...those tiny things...making breakfast, flowers once in a while...anything that reminds you that you are truly loved! The feeling that you will have backup in every aspect...although I love fighting so he has to know how to do that...I mean they tend to just say "yes" and "sorry" know to get away with it as fast as they can...I want a proper action I want broken plates and clothes throwing out the window!!!!! anyway I'm talking more likely about relationships that "blokes" in general...well he has to have all those qualities to make me interested...but that's just me

Bugger...just realized it was a thread about whot you DON'T like in a bloke...anyway...just turn it in if he doesn't have there qualities I don't like him!
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