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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post

I agree with Elle, though there's one thing you guys forgot...getting your period at eight or ten isn't that odd, and as most girls probably (and unfortunately) know, many (if not all, but there are some lucky few); suffer quite a bit. PMS, cramps, zits, you name it. Contraception has proved quite useful in softening those symptoms and more, so it's not that rare that gynecologists prescribe them, even if you're not actually having sex. I can understand why a ten year old could be taking the Pill, even if it is somewhat dangerous getting the drug on top of all the huge hormonal changes; but that's another issue. However I can't understand why or how ten year olds could actually be sleeping with each other or older people; let alone wishing it, or even thinking about it! I'm no prude, but come on... I mean, what happened to maturity and all that jazz?

Anyway, my point is that taking the Pill at a young age doesn't instantly mean the person is having sex, but airing it out on the TV? that's so wrong.
It's true that girls can start having their periods from when they're about 8 or 9 years old, but that's very young and not by any means the average age. That said, I know plenty of girls who can't get out of bed for a week every month unless they drug themselves beyond belief, and I'm happy that the pill is available to make it slightly more bearable for them. I suppose that if you happen to be unlucky twice (start young and have a hell of a lot of pain each month), it's even more fortunate that the pill exists.

Putting a kid through hell by outing her like that is beyond cruel. Besides, I doubt any doctor worth his diploma would prescribe contraception to a kid that age for actual contraceptive reasons. I just realised I have no idea what guidelines are like in those cases though - to what age would you need parental consent to obtain a prescription for contraceptives? I suppose you would need your parents to come along to any old doctor's appointment when you're 9, but still...

I couldn't agree more with the "do they have to use it as contraception?!" too. Thinking of ten-year-olds getting it on weirds me out almost as much as thinking of grandparents having a go.
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