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If they can make a ball that has RFID sensors woven into the surface and goal posts that can send a signal once said ball passes completely through the frame...and they can make it work in Newcastle in the middle of January...then I'm fine with it.
In theory, each player could wear an RFID tag woven into the elastic of his shorts or the collar of his shirt. The sensor on the ball could be triggered when the ball is kicked and a computer could determine offside based on the position of the players.
Then they could change the name from the Barclays Premier League to the George Orwell's Wet Dream.

Seriously though, it's a system that could work very well. However (there's always a however), the conspiracy nuts would come out of the woodwork to claim that Fergie uses some sort of jamming device to hide Tevez from the computer at Old Trafford or that Wenger has a button in the dugout at the Emirates that lets him shut off the sensors in the goal Arsenal is defending. Hackers could get into the system and wreak havoc during the Merseyside derby, keeping fans inside of Anfield for hours whilst it's being straightened out...allowing cohorts to steal every single car stereo for blocks in each direction.
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