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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
More referees is a good idea. I disagree with challenges for the same reason that Brad does, it's like how "time-outs" are abused in NFL to just slow the game down (which isn't what they were intended to be used for). Personally I don't think what I proposed would slow the game down that much at all, there is always a delay when the referee blows up, particularly for an important issue.
The new in-vogue move is to call a timeout the instant before the ball is snapped on a field goal. The head coach usually gets with the line judge and tells him what he's going to do, and I think it's wrong. If you want to call a timeout, you should have to get the referee's attention and hope play is stopped.

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I think linesmen would be less eager to throw up the offside flag if they knew someone was upstairs that could call it if it's missed. Let play flow, and if the eye in the sky buzzes him, then he can make the call. It's not like instant communication is some sort of futuristic pipe dream.
Regardless, having a linesman, who is a minimum of thirty yards from the goal, determine if the ball crossed the line or not is ridiculous. In the NHL there is a Goal Judge whose only duty is to watch one of the goals to determine if the puck crosses the line or not. Surely the beautiful game could employ a similar method.
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