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The funny thing is, every newbie on this forum has at one point idolized or admired Keira. That's the freakin' reason why you're in this forum in the first place. But things change, and my affectations for Keira are past and gone. But the people remain. And I think that that's what remains important: the fact that this forum is under the aegis of a celebrity is only a facade (a subtle one, but a facade nonetheless); overall, it's a community of people rather than fans. But fans are more than welcome to join into the larger interpretive community.

Just don't mind Hazzle: when W.B. Yeats wrote that "the best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity," he might have been a little prophetic... :P Well, full of something anyway...

But back to topic... if I were a female, and a lesbian, I'd definitely go for Leah Dizon. Check her out. I won't post a pic, because then I'd get cited for indecency on this sub-forum... maybe...
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