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I figure the instant replay deal is really an issue of pride with the officials. They want to be known as immediately right, and they, like most people, don't want to be publicly touted as getting a call wrong (especially if it's an egregious one that would've changed the outlook of a game). And besides, on the chance that a linesman gets an offside call wrong, or misses the ball crossing the goal, the outcome of the game ex post facto will not change the outcome of the game when the referee blows his whistle twice. (Which raises certain issues of fairness: that is to say, hypothetically speaking, if Gallas' goal against ManU in stoppage time--a concept in itself that differs strongly with the American 'time-out'--was not seen as crossing the goal at game time, but instead reviewed later as an actual goal, what should the FA do then? Award Arsenal the one point, and reduce ManU's by two? Tempers would flare from Demento himself, and Wenger would be smiling as if he had read a double entendre somewhere in the offing.)

On another note, Surly Fergie should probably shut his trap and win the League this season. Otherwise, having to watch Wenger do the same with his youth as Ferguson did with Becks, Scholes, Giggs, Butt, and the Nevilles in the late 90's. In my opinion, Ferguson is protecting his own image, saying that Wenger's youth does not compare (at least, at this point) to the treble-winning 99 team. (But, let's be honest on this point: the Arsenal team of 07 and the United team of 99 are apples and oranges. Ferguson and Wenger have way different gameplans: Ferguson prefers a strict 4-4-2, while Wenger likes to keep the concept of positional play loose. (In terms of the literary criticism I read, one could compare it to the orderly nature of Anglo-American criticism--like F.R. Leavis or Cleanth Brooks; whereas Wenger's fluidity reminds one of Jacques Derrida or Roland Barthes. The Anglo-Americans base interpretation solely on the tension and resolution between form and content; that is, United's 4-4-2 must ultimately work in exactly that manner, to the style that Ferguson is accustomed, in order to succeed. For Wenger, however, the starting 4-4-2 does not always end up like that: if the half-backs run up the sidelines, the left- and right-midfielders run into the middle, and the centre-forwards float out toward the corners and sides, then the 4-4-2 becomes, in its full-on attack, a 2-4-4, and a chiasmus is reached. That's probably why I like Arsenal; their form is dynamic, but remains symmetrical.)
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