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Back onto the topic...who thinks Ferguson should get punished for saying the referee was biased?
I do.
Here, in the States, you take your beef to the league behind closed doors. If you make comments to the media regarding officiating, you get fined.
Whether or not a referee is biased is best left to talk radio.

As for referees, I am constantly shocked by the absolute lack of respect that players and managers have for them around the world. Here, you touch a referee, you shower early and deposit less money in the bank. Just this weekend, Jeremy Trueblood (a lineman for the Bucs) was ejected because he happened to run into an official during an altercation with another player.
Earlier this year, I watched John Terry grab an official's arm in protest to Mikel getting a red. In my book, he should have gotten a red as well. And, a suspension. Not just a standard red suspension, but something like three games.
Every call in show I listen to (606, World Soccer Daily, The Football Show) is inundated with calls about how poor the officiating is, and most of the traditionalists decry the idea of using instant replay to get calls right.
Do you think instant replay should be used?
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