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Suriname is a former colony :P We're like France too, only these players often have family in the Netherlands from times past. Davids was born before Suriname gained independence from the Netherlands, Seedorf less than six months after. At this stage, the country was still on the receiving end of Dutch aid, and something silly like 25% of the population at the time moved to the Netherlands, fearing the new independent state would fare worse.

Whoa, I ramble. What I'm trying to say is, at least there is some sort of tie there. And yeah, if you've grown up in another country, fair enough that that's who you side with. What bothers me about this fella is that he'd not bothered to apply for citizenship until it became clear he might play for the Dutch team. He hadn't felt so overwhelmingly Dutch he couldn't wait to get a passport ever before.

Even so, that's all still fair enough. What really bothers me is that he had the guts to ask the minister of immigration to bend the rules for him, cause he wanted to play for the Netherlands. And then what REALLY angers me is that he had the guts to be stroppy when she said no. I reckon all asylum seekers in desperate need of a Dutch passport because they can't go home cause home means death would like the rules bent a bit, too. Where does this git get off thinking he's more important? It's a sport, not life and death.

/end Kalou rant. Please continue your very pleasant football discussion

PS. I looked it up - Kalou's still not Dutch, and he's said he's given up hope of ever attaining Dutch citizenship. Or at least, that's what Wikipedia say, and we all know they are a beacon of truth and accuracy.

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