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Premiership Up-to-Date

Well, I guess I'll start off my reintroduction (of which there will be countless many, considering how fluctuatory my appearances can get) with a thread on Prem footie. If anyone is interested in their take so far this season, or for future crystal-ball suggestions in the coming year, feel free to make your voice known. It's important to set up debate, so that the resident Gunner fans (YOU know who you are... yours truly included) don't look like arrogant pricks.

As of now, I'm pleasantly satisfied with my Arsenal. Who would've known that trading (in the American sports franchise speak) Henry off to Bartha and benching Lehmann for the much cooler (and in my opinion, WAY cooler) Almunia, would jump-start the youngsters to such heights? To see Arsenal playing the way Wenger wants, and the fans want, is just a delight. Even if you dislike Arsenal, you have to admit, they're playing fabolous footie right now.

I can certainly see the other big three--Man U, Chelsea, and L'pool--coming into the title picture after January. If Man U can sort out their injuries, they'll definitely roar back to the form of last year. Chelsea seems to have found their offensive knack, after Avram 'The Puppet' Grant has instilled them something else besides the Mourinho strategy of "all men to the back except Drogba and Lampard". And if Benitez can actually start the same 11 twice in a row, they may actually get somewhere.

But as far as I can see now, Arsenal have it. Watching their most recent game against L'pool, one could say that Arsenal should've won--though they deserved at least a tie (which they got). Gerrard certainly looked mighty throughout the game for the Reds--and his role appears to me, from an American sports fan perspective, like the center in a hockey team. Sure he starts in the middle, or the left, or the right, but he's everywhere the ball is. Just like Fabregas. It was certainly fitting that these two beasts in the middle grabbed the goals for their respective teams, in much the same way that they've been doing their careers thus far: Gerrard with a thumper of a right-foot free-kick; and Fabregas with his uncanny sense of opportunism in the clutch.

Too bad I won't catch the ManU-Arsenal game this Saturday. I'm working. But man...
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