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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
Actually, if Haz and Ran are examples of what's on the other side, save me a seat on the lesbo train, Katie.
When you put it like that...I don't blame you.

Originally Posted by KeirazBabe View Post
Haha what are you on about Haz?! We hardly have ANY good looking women on our team- bloody give us some!!!!!!!!!! lol.
I respectfully disagree and present you with a mirror as exhibit A. There are plenty of gorgeous lesbians. Most of them KKW members. Anyway, my point was women are less shallow than men. You guys can fall in love with ugly people. We can't. The best we can muster is drunken sex with a munter on account of beer goggles. It's not a good thing but there you go.

Originally Posted by Ranman View Post
Thats right, coming from a gay girl, were studs(atleast I am, I do think haz is gay)
How did you know?!? The secret's out, whatever will I do? I wouldn't take hearing that from a gay girl to mean too much, gay women LOVE me. It's the straight ones I have trouble with...
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