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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice View Post
im going to have to agree here... macs are way better for graphic design...

...however, due to pcs being more supported for everything else.. i'm sticking with them. CS3 runs just fine on my pcs
Heh. I was only kidding. Was trying to stir shit. Glad it worked

But yes, I agree, it does very much depend on what you're doing. I do such a huge mixture of everything which is what tempted me to pick up a Mac for when I'm working with multimedia editing (that and they look hot). However like Ice said, PCs are better supported as an all-round package.

Even if I ever used a Mac it would only be in combination with a PC in a dual Mac-PC using Synergy.

Unless you have specific needs that make it worthwhile a PC is a better choice. In fact I know of a blogger who's a militant Mac user (really loves and promotes anything Apple make) who actually admitted she uses a PC to stream stuff. Why? Because PCs are better for streaming.

Anywaaaaay. Back on topic. I want to meet Katie before she leaves the country.
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