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I'm with Ran. Multiple orgasms + boobies offsets not being able to pee standing up. Shit...I forgot...there's periods too. Sorry, much as the rest appeals I like not bleeding from my genitals.

On the bright side Mandy, if Christian Bale did kill you it'd probably be in a hilarious way like in American Psycho. Maybe even a jaunty little dance to go with it.

Originally Posted by Katielondon View Post
mandy wants to join the better team, come on over
No! Stop trying to steal all the women in the world. Jeez, do you WANT there to be a planet left? If there are no women left for men, there's no future generations, the planet dies out, the end. You've got to leave us some. And no, you can't just leave us the ugly ones. If anything we're more shallow that you so we should get the hotties and YOU get the ugly ones.

PD's choices win by the way. Although Megan Fox is hot none of her choices look like Billie Piper . Then again Jen made the smartest call of all. Nat > everyone.

Katie you can totally cuddle a guy after sex. Just don't expect conversation. We're too tired. I've explained this to you before, men burn WAY more energy during sex than women, regardless of who does all the "work", simply by virtue of how our equipment works. I'd rather not explain further.

Heh Ran. Actually Mandy we've been allowed to post in this section for ages. Have no idea why but I'm not complaining. Given one of the Admin (Ice) was part of it that's tacit approval. Still, it's good to know you and Katie won't be dating anytime soon. We need some women to stay on our team!
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