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Originally Posted by Alexandram25 View Post
I would go shopping......
Which for me isn't very different to a normal day of my life.
Me and Keira would talk for hours on end! I really love to talk, I am a talkaholic! I can talk for 6 hours! I tried to go for 7 once but i fainted in the effort! I gave a speech at school once and it was supposed to go for 3 minutes but mine went for 8 minutes! I really enjoy talking but i enjoy typing even more so you may find some very long threads on kkw!
I hope you are having a great time on!

By alexandram25
P.S I also LOVE poking people with long sticks!
In time you will BOW to my lovely gift of being able to talk for a long ammount of time!:Hail:
You can't possibly talk more than Haz.

I'd show her this place and have good laugh at threads like this.
Danish Liberal Youth.
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