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I noticed Archimedes said a discussion of piracy was against the rules...yet I didn't spot this anywhere in the this the case? It's just material piracy was being discussed regarding KA's box office in Asia...and I didn't notice anyone raise an objection to that...just to be clear what the rule is, y'know, so as to avoid future issues. (Could a clear rule be posted under the rules? Just to clear up the issue for the future is all?).

While I'm here, I'd like to point out I was hoping the thread would discuss movie piracy as was raised in the KA thread from which it came (the question was how bad Asian piracy might affect KA's take). I did NOT intend it to become a discussion about non-material piracy (downloading) but material apologies if that wasn't made clear.

As always what the admins/mods/staff say goes...I'm not seeking to "appeal" as there is no appeal from the admins , and certainly not the Bazmeister . Was just interested to get the question answered and apologise for posting something that was against a rule I knew nothing about (and in fact wasn't even supposed to be about non-material piracy).
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