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For those who say I never contribute anything of worth I decided to post some rather interesting findings I discovered in the last couple of days. Those who insist man-made global warming is still an unproven theory are often criticised for not providing scientific backing. So here's some:

Someone, it seems, forgot to tell the ice caps to melt.

Yes, I know that's posted on a blog, and yes, I know people will say it's a "slanted" piece of reporting. So I urge you to actually visit The Cryosphere Today, the website run by the University of Illinois. You'll find that they also report a record fall in the Arctic ice caps. It doesn't disprove Global Warming, nobody thought it would, but what it does do is lend support to the idea that this is simply a natural cycle, not man-made. Which is all I've ever said (I don't deny Climate Change).

Someone, it seems, also forgot to tell the sea levels to rise.

Again, nobody is saying the causes of this are known, nobody is saying this disproves Global Warming is occuring, what it does show is that we can't possibly be sure that it's a man-made problem if we can't explain beyond any doubt why the sea levels are actually falling. It shows the debate is not over, it shows there is not consensus, and fundamentally it shows that the man-made theory of Global Warming has not been proven at all. That's all people are saying, it may not be man-made.

Meet Dr William Gray. He is a leading Hurricane forecaster and one of the world's most highly respected metereologists. He has a PhD in Geophysical Sciences, is a professor of meteorology at Colorado State and recognised as a pioneer in his field (hurricane forecasting). He has debunked Gore's theory as "ridiculous". academic opposing the supposed consensus?! Stone him! Who cares if he can even rationally explain why those who disagree with him do?

I've long said that those who champion this "theory" as fact are lining their own pockets. There would be no money to back their studies if they didn't "prove" man-made global warming. People accuse those who oppose the man-made theory of "being in the pocket of big oil" and yet a great deal of the funding for these studies is coming froim oil companies looking at "alternative energies". Take a look at the budget of any listed oil company in the world (it's all public record) and you will see record amounts of money being spent on "alternative energy" research. These people don't spend money for fun, they spend it because they think by doing so they'll be able to make even more.

And all this comes as Gore's film is slated for nine factual errors. So much for the Nobel Prize.

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