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i havent thought of what should happen on the 'all hell breaks loose'

I'm trying to figure out how old i want the little boy to be, AND the reason why it look the boyfriend so long to get home.

My idea i woke up with this morning on his injuries....

After Explosion:
  • blind (few months)
  • amnesia (year or two... or three)
  • Paralyzed (takes him 5 years to relearn how to walk)

do you think that's that too easy??

I want him to be irritable, selfish, possessive, and not a loving person AT ALL, in the very end.... i kind of want him to be slightly burned, too. Maybe on his back, or one hand/arm or something. I don't want it to be TOO dramatic with the scars. I want him to look like a strong surviver, not a cripple.

I also don't want the son to like him from the start. Some (young) Kids can always tell whose a good person and who not... if they're not manipulated by something.

Originally Posted by Jacoby View Post
Anyways, what would the bulk of the movie be, Jen? Cus I would like to see that especially if the "all hell breaks lose" part is at least half the movie.
I'll think about making it half. I'll make it a LONG ending if i dont decide to, for ya though.
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