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Originally Posted by JenR View Post
this is MY thread, i'll post w/e in it... whcih will most liekly be my art work, and whatever is on my mind. They'll be more bitching, I dont like taking out my angery on other people, so this'll be where i vent myself.

*copy and pastes*

I've got an idea for a new story/script to write. I woke up with it one morning and laid in my bed for an hour until i visualized the whole story.

heres the idea:
  • It's going to start off with a love scene, of the couple, they descuss their future and say their 'promises' to eacher other.

    reason why: The boyfriend's going to be shipped off to fight in a war.

    After the boyfriend leaves, the girlfriends finds out she's pregnant. She has no one and nothing, but a house to help her. But neighbors try to help her out.

    after the girlfriend has her baby(a boy), she is told that her man has been killed by an explosion and theirs no way to find his body.

    Years later this gentalman who works at a grocery store, meets her and tries to help her out.

    They later begin to have an affair.

    One day when girlfriend and new guy walk in her house, her boyfriend, lost from war, is sitting in the kitchen.

    -all hell breaks loose-
What do you think?
It sounds a little bit like the love story in Pearl Harbour. That said, you may be able to develop it in such a way that it doesn't echo the movie so much.
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