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My relationships seem to look something like this:

1. Friend with person for a while
2. Both parties interested
3. Become more than friends
4. Jake becomes overly interested in person; looking for commitment (thusly blowing it)
5. Girl loses interest, starts thinking twice.
6. Jake says, "well fuck you, then" and loses interest all together
7. Jake feels like he's going to die alone until step two is repeated with someone else.

I'm actually in a sad situation with one of my best friends right now. I've known her since high school and we've hung out constantly since then. She had always felt something for me, but I tended to shy away from her feelings. Then she moved to Boston and I found myself missing her a lot and wanting to be with her...So I told her how I felt and she said it was mutual. Then, I called her a little more often and showed more interest.
When she was visiting Rochester I sat her down and talked about our relationship. I basically said that I would like to see us together one day and then she started acting like that's not going to happen for a while (obviously because of distance) but I got the feeling that she didn't really want it to happen...ever.

So I've been in a negative funk ever since that conversation which was early August. But whatever. I'm moving to nyc and I'm sure I'll meet a bunch of ladies and have a bunch of relationships and if Meg and I end up together, so be it, and if not... then it wasn't meant to be.
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