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The Course of a Relationship

Sometimes I wonder if getting into a relationship is worth it. I mean most of them seem to happen the same way, at least for me.

1. Meet a guy
2. Become friends with guy
3. Friendship becomes something more
4. Decide to start dating and spending a lot of time together
5. Get to know pretty much almost everything about them
6. Once the excitement is over, you start arguing more.
7. It's pretty much all goes to shit after that.

There seems to be a basic cycle that couples go through from what I've experienced and from what I've seen with my friends in the past. Apparently I haven't met anyone I'm crazy enough about to not get tired of them. It makes me feel like there will never be anyone I'll be able to commit to for a long period of time, and that's scary. And anyone that I've been crazy about in the past hasn't felt the same way about me. And even if they did, how do I know I still won't get sick of them later on? Maybe I want what I can't have?

What's the course of a relationship like for you, or what has it been like? Similar?
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