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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Then why not end it? No, Dave made a good point in that ramble, although he may not have realized it, and actually backed up Flightfreak's point. People who cheat because they don't want to be with the person they're with ARE cowards. They do something they know the other person won't forgive and thus end the relationship. It's all so that the cheater doesn't have to do the breaking up but that's taking the coward's way out, Like Flightfreak said. Man up and do the right thing.
Actually' I quite realized it. (and why I went back four messages to quote Flightfreak instead of some other message) That WAS the point. Doing an unforgivable act is merely a method of having that painful discussion without actually having that discussion. The "deceiver" gets to "get back" on the "deceived/controlling bastard/bitch" over and over again without ever being in danger while doing it AND without ever having to admit that "someone could get hurt" because, when all is said and done, "What they don't know won't hurt them..." That's how it goes for awhile. Then the bragging starts. That's when you need to talk.

As for people who approach relationships as though they were buying a used car, people who act like Ranman talks. That's how the law of Karma was discovered. You remember, "What goes around, comes around..." People who use other people like gaming tokens deserve all the sadness they get.

You know whats going to happen next? I'm going to have to read some gamesmanship crap about how his method of finding "True Love" is so much better than any other, and then we're going down that path, comparing methods/lifes/Loves. Lets don't and just say we did. You stopped when we got to the part where I described being in the room helping my beautiful wife give birth to the twins and you responded with, what? What exactly did you respond that compared with that? Oh. I remember, it was this "Zipless Fuck" you had up in Missoula, Montana... Pointless SeX, meaningless, but Almost as good as a three dollar rollercoaster ride.

One more question, and then I'll shutup for awhile, in all these "SeXual test drives," how often have you found a method for having "Tantric Sex?" I mean, If Sex is what you're going for, then better sex is better, Right?

Oh, right. Tantric sex requires honesty and trust. But you could just lie about all that. Try it and tell me if it works. I'm single these days, and I miss it.

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