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I dont know if i've been cheated on my a boyfriend. when i broke up with my 1st ex, he said he was banging girls everytime i wouldn't/couldn't go out with him on that night. I dont care anyways, he sure wasnt getting any from me anymore, because i found him to be a repulsive person... and annoying.

I was used by my (so-called) Best friend my Sophmore Year in Highschool. that broke my heart, when i found out he was only trying to get me just so he'd loose his precious virginity that all his friends had lost. All he ever does his try to fit in a crowed. fucking poser.. i didnt give him any either, so he quit talking to me for 2 years. He only talks to me now, because we both graduated Highschool (he a graduated a year before me). Now i wish he wouldnt speak to me. He just annoys the hell out me, he hasnt changed a bit. the only thing thats changed is that he finally lost his Virginity, but he has to go out with a whore for him to get any. hes also on drugs now.
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