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Originally Posted by frodo1511 View Post
I remember when the 2nd gen Prius came out and Toyota was boasting that it would get somewhere south of 70mpg...try 40-45 when using standards and tests not created in the 1950s.

E85 isn't much better, as the increased demand for corn and other biofuels has made food prices go through the roof. Everywhere I go I hear people complain about the price of milk, as it's costing farmers more to feed their herds of the slaughtered.

Now the government's trying to make these CAFE regulations for every car by 2020 or so, making my shiny new Corvette a naughty toy to have, while everyone else drives the bastard childs of SMART, Renault, Mini Coopers, and other "cars" that I could crush with my thumb. Due largely to global warming (and the fear of no more gas in the next 6 months).

Really, do you think a driver of a Lambo Murcielago LP640 gives a damn how much gas he's wasting? Didn't think so.

(wait's that's not fair-the car's worth at least 250k...)
anyone who drives a Prius is quite frankly, well um.................(i very rarely use this word) a cunt, they really think thier doing thier bit for the enviroment(not that cars make much difference anyway) but due to the battiries etc they have much more enviromental impact than many normal non hybrid cars, people buy them trying to make a statement about how thier doing thier bit and try to look eco friendly, they try and give me a holier than thou look at traffic lights because i dare to drive a Range Rover-OMG just think of my carbon footprint, what they fail to know is im laughing at them spluttering around in thier silly little car with thier silly ignorant attitude and at times i would like nothing more than to drive into them.

*rant over, and breathe*

Originally Posted by dave View Post
Could The Electric Car Save Us?

Part of America's problem is that many Americans believe that Alaskan oil will "save us." What Americans don't realize is that the oil in Alaska has high sulfur content thus is not economically usable in America. (i.e. We sell it overseas.) That's one of the reasons that the Environmentalists keep winning the battle to stop the drilling in Alaska. It's pretty hard to find people who want to destroy the Denali Wilderness so oil companies can profit.

is the Alaskan and Canadian oil called shale oil?, i think i remember reading about it.
something to do with the extraction and refinement costs are much higher than regular crude oil but it can essentially do the same thing if it comes to it?.

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