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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice View Post
hybrid cars make me laugh, due to the increased weight of multiple engines etc, its often less fuel efficient than normal cars, and thus is worse for the environment when running on the fuel engine.
I remember when the 2nd gen Prius came out and Toyota was boasting that it would get somewhere south of 70mpg...try 40-45 when using standards and tests not created in the 1950s.

E85 isn't much better, as the increased demand for corn and other biofuels has made food prices go through the roof. Everywhere I go I hear people complain about the price of milk, as it's costing farmers more to feed their herds of the slaughtered.

Now the government's trying to make these CAFE regulations for every car by 2020 or so, making my shiny new Corvette a naughty toy to have, while everyone else drives the bastard childs of SMART, Renault, Mini Coopers, and other "cars" that I could crush with my thumb. Due largely to global warming (and the fear of no more gas in the next 6 months).

Really, do you think a driver of a Lambo Murcielago LP640 gives a damn how much gas he's wasting? Didn't think so.

(wait's that's not fair-the car's worth at least 250k...)
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