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I Saw "Silk"....

Yup, I'm one of the 20 or so people who saw Silk this weekend....
I knew it was unlikely to be a good film (negative reviews, and the fact that Keira did nothing to promote it is telling), but I made a special trip to Chicago* just to see it, anyway.

Well, in a nutshell, the movie was pretty crappy. It SHOULD have been much better -- all of the elements for a good film were there; but nothing came together right. It was like watching one of those bad re-enactments from "Unsolved Mysteries", only with very rich imagery and marginally better costumes. It's like there's no emotional flow from one scene to the next -- stuff just happens. We watch it, but never feel it.

Michael Pitt, whom I normally like quite a bit, was so subdued for the whole of this film that it was hard to believe his character felt anything at all, let alone love or passion. For instance, at one point he narrates that he and his wife (played by Ms. Knightley) were "having a joyous summer" together, but what we SEE from them on screen indicates the opposite. Just blank stares and mumbling. Whatever energy Keira brings to a scene is killed by Pitt within a few lines, and everyone winds up just seeming depressed. The only actor to bring any personality to the film is Alfred Molina, and he's not on screen enough to make it interesting.

In all, the whole thing was just ineptly done. I left the theater wondering if maybe the filmmakers ran out of money at one point, and then just did a rush job to paste this thing together (that could explain why it seemed to have a full score for about the first half, but only a lone piano to provide a soundtrack for the rest). Silk COULD have been a very beautiful movie, but nothing works.

Oh, and forget what you've heard about Ms. Knightley's supposed nudity in this film. As usual, the reports of her sex scenes have been blown way out of proportion. We barely see anything, and even then it's only for a split second.

* Silk is in a very limited release here in the US, not even playing anywhere in my entire state. Chicago is the closest place to my town where the film could be seen (about 60 miles away). Since I've never been to The Windy City, I figured Silk would be my excuse to finally go, and so I made a day out of it. Lovely town. I caught an improv show at Second City after leaving the movies, and ate at an authentic Chicago pizza place.

In summary, I give....
SILK a thumbs down, and
GINO'S EAST PIZZERIA a big thumbs up!
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