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Originally Posted by I Luv Keira View Post
Im still fukin infatuated by her! I hate this feeling. It faded (but still infatuated) for a bit, but I did do daily checks on Keiraweb. Shes everywhere now because of Atonment, and I can't wait for the film. So my Keira crush has gone way way up again. I fukin hate Keira Knightley!! Goddamnit Im obsessed!

But once I do sober up (lol, what is this?) it doesn't matter how crap her films are gonna be or even her acting, I'm gonna enjoy watching her, even if she isn't that great, thats how i feel anyway. I'm a fan of hers for life!
I was just as bad, if not worse, than you not too long ago....
It just kind of faded.

You'll be all right.
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