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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Our current system isn't perfect, but last time I checked, there isn't anything in this world (save for Keira) that is.

Oh...and I agree with Private-Public partnership, utilising business models of private medicine to make the NHS more efficient, ring fencing...but no, not private healthcare for all.

I'd much rather cut down the amount the government spends on spin...oh...and deal with the 7 billion worth of benefit fraud that we KNOW about that goes on every year...the figure could be 5 or 6 times as much...sure it's not quite 50 billion, but the fact is, we'd probably hardly notice the tax cuts with how much we'd pay for health wouldn't be cheaper.

It'd also inspire people to seek treatment MUCH later...because the more insurance is used, the more the premium goes up...everyone knows that. Imagine all the cancer patients who'd not get checked until it was too late?
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