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The atmosphere isn't supposed to stop all the light on its way out, that would be most annoying.

I didn't watch the documentary cause I'm pretty sure I've heard it all before in some capacity.

If 20% of the Arctic ice has melted in the past thirty years, how come my country still exists? As far as I know, we haven't done anything to make our dykes bigger and stronger. I think that proves that your theory of massive walls of water washing over the earth is slightly flawed.

I'm sure there are issues. But what really bothers me is that everyone feels the need to take a reasonable assumption and take it far too seriously, to an extreme, one where we'll all die next year if we don't do something yesterday. The atmosphere? Still there. Still doing what it has been since the beginning of time, which is reflecting some light, but thank Christ, not all.

By the way, I don't think it's right to say that 99% of all scientists believe in the theory of global warming, and that they are the best in their field. A LOT of people have jumped on the bandwagon. And a lot of proper scientists have had to back peddle a bit. Just because a majority believe something doesn't mean it's true. I mean, obviously, a majority of US citizens thought that Bush would make a good president...

Lastly, can we stop calling people names because we don't agree with them? It's called ad hominem arguing and it makes you look incapable of actually addressing the argument at hand.

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