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Originally Posted by Flightfreak View Post
Dave before you say anything more and make a bigger fool of your self take a look at a map and inform your self a bit better about Greenland.
Oh, I've never worried about "making a fool of myself". Some of the best times of my life were while I was being Foolish. Besides, I'm often at my best when engaged in Foolishness. All my brothers and sister and ex-wife and my four kids are all smarter than me.

Originally Posted by Flightfreak View Post
Antarctica is a continent and not floating ice. So thus again its LAND ICE just like Greenland.
The Arctic is the only floating ice you're talking about and according too the NASA there is 20% less arctic ice compared to 30 years ago.
OK, So you have done a mental "reset" and now you are starting over with all the pseudo-"Science" which started all this "Global Warming" hype.

Unfortunately for you, and your side of the discussion, The Basis Numbers have been Corrected since the discussion began. "Real" Scientists have examined the numbers used to formulate your "Global Warming" theory and have found a Y2K error in the method used to translate the temperatures from the historical data to the present time.

Peer-reviewed publications now tell us that the hottest year in recorded history was 1934. In fact, 5 out of 10 of the hottest years in recorded history were before World War II; well before the Industrial Revolution the Global Warming Advocates blame for Global Warming. Here is the link to NASA's corrected data, (not that it will do any of us "Fools" any good as we aren't "Climatologists" and they aren't talking about this yet. (To be fair, they only found the error a week [or so] ago.)

So, if we must do a mental "reset" then it is obvious that the Industrial Revolution AND man made pollution have nothing to do with the "Global Warming" of the '30s; thus "Global Warming Theories" are false.

Originally Posted by dave View Post
Now, you do me a favor. Since the error in the conversion of all the temperature data has been factored into the calculations; and since we now know that the hottest year on record was 1934; how do you explain all the lies and pseudo-scientific balderdash that pseudo scientific "Climatologists" have been using to lie to the ignorant populace?

Have you noticed an increase in skepticism with respect to lies told by pseudo-Scientists? I have. Have you realized the depth of the damage that these lies have caused to the reputations of the Scientists who were lied to by their peers, AND, more importantly, their Professors?

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