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First thing: Oil prices have nothing to do with Bush. It is based on the price per barrel, refinery capacity, and taxes. It is taxes. The lowest taxes on oil, for instance, is in D.C. Bush, surprisingly to the left, has one of the greenest homes of all D.C. politicians (solar, wind, etc..). Algore uses twice the amount of energy the avg. American uses in a year in one month.

Only Congress has the power to levy taxes, although the president can, of course recommend them. (article I, section 8, US constitution) Individual states can add taxes on top of the federal taxes, as well, if they so wish.

The Dems in office have so far: raised the minumum wage, their salaries, and of course, taxes. They also spend a lot.

The GOP: lowered taxes, spent a lot.

Now, unless you are a democrat, this would make the most sense:

Lower taxes-people have more money.-They spend some of that money on stuff-sales taxes-gas taxes-bills

u lower taxes, people part with a dollar easier. then the money is spent elsewhere. more tax revenuse are collected. the gov't takes in more. it worked in NYC, under Rudy. it works.

Dems-high taxes. people have less-spend less-business go under-depression

low taxes-good
high taxes-bad

Oh, and Long Island is not a Republican stronghold. trust me. Every long islander i know is a lib

o, and those taxes are not really talked about. if we knew have the bills passed, we wouldn't be able to keep up. and, yes they are profiting. the have to charge more because of the taxes to profit. that is their job: make money. It is not evil. it is not wrong. it is business. they have to support their families. they are in business for the sole purpose of making money. as is every person in any business in any country with a free market. in a socialism/communism ,they are working so they are not killed. And, those high profits. the supply of oil is finite. it's demand is infinite. that equals big profit.
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