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Lucky Charms! (no, not the cereal, moron...)

Ok, people: KKW is dying. I mean it, it's a ghost town. It's dying and we've got the epi, so I say shoot it...up.

I'm doing my little share by creating a thread that I predict will be active for 2-3 days, tops, but whatever.

I was wondering about lucky charms, 'cause we were discussing them in my literary workshop the other day.
Is there anything you always carry with you, something that has a really special meaning? like a certain pen you take to exams, or some t-shirt that you wear as often as you can? Doesn't really have to be a present or a very expensive thing, maybe something you inherited or discovered during a really hard time.

Seeing as we are the ones that give these things value and meaning, not the other way round; I thought it would be nice to share our "lucky charms" and tell the story they enclose.

This my main lucky charm.

It was given to me when I was 12 for my Bat Mitzvah by my then-ex-boyfriend. We had a lovely relationship, from the time we were eight until I broke it off at twelve. It doesn't just remind me of my Bat Mitzvah, it reminds me of my first puppy love, the bookworm and the bad boy.
I never take it off, I even shower with it, and it's simple and pretty.
I often wonder about him, 'cause I haven't seen that boy who sent me the sweetest letters since I was 13 or 14, seeing as I switched schools.
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