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Well, the salaries for Keira and Bloom would be immense. But, based on rumors I've heard, there are shooting dates for POTC 4, but with out them. Know, the movie could be set in the 10 year period before will returns and Keira just gave birth, with Jack trying to get back the Pearl from Barbossa, again. From what i understand, Keira justs wants to try new projects. And, I think the series should go out with a bang, not like the godfather III (Sofia Coppola should not have been in it, and Michael feeling guilty. He was a business man. It was only business. And come on. In II he was more self righteous than I am, and then he becomes this crying old man. He was not the type. The story line was terrible, and Sofia Coppola was a terrible actress. Sorry, I am a huge fan if the Pirates And Godfather trilogies) or the 4th Indiana Jones. They became a joke that diminished 2 of the most prolific movie series ever. Godfather I & II won best picture! I don't want the fate of III to befall POTC IV.
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