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Originally Posted by frodo1511 View Post
I was in the Hard Rock Cafe @ Universal the night Bonds made the homer. A waiter threw a glass hard into the wall in digust, spraying the area with shrapnel. I laughed.
What a retard. I hope he was fired.

How could you be that upset, everyone fucking new it was going to happen, he was sitting on 755 for a while.

I hope Barry gets to 800. And it's clear that's it's only because of the steriods. It's a proven fact that steriods make you a better baseball player. That's why the thousands of players that took roids in the steriod era are breaking the homerun rec...oh wait, just Barry, cus he's one of the best players to take the field. With or without drugs.
I'm only here to remind Brad to take his protein pills daily.
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