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So now Lindsey claims to be the "best actress in the world"...all while calling Keira a "cardboard cutout", Scarlett "fat and ugly" and Sienna a "crack whore".
Nice...especially given she's in re-hab for the third time this year.
Do all the blow you can while you have a shred of celebrity left, because those VH-1 reality program checks don't go nearly as far as the movie checks. And, judging from the fact that you aren't jailbait anymore, your celebrity light bulb is flickering.
Just like the Olsen twins, your leering, forty/fifty-something pervert fans have moved on since you've become legal. You're stale product, with absolutely no box-office appeal. The Disney crowd has turned their backs on you for more wholesome fare. That's right have become Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana's bitch.
I fear it's going to take her one (or more) of the following:
  • Killing herself via accident or suicide
  • Killing someone else due to coke/booze and a car
  • A heavy prison sentence
to get her straightened out.
Studio execs put up with Robert Downey, Jr. because he is talented.
Li-Lo is no Ro-Do...she's just a blo-ho.
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