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Originally Posted by frodo1511 View Post
Dell's got their new Inspiron desktop fleet that has a slim-fit tower, Jake, that you could get a decent sized HDD, 2 gigs of RAM, decent grafix card and a nice HD monitor for not too much..let me get a link for you.

Dunno if actual real-world space would be an issue here-the slim fits take up considerably less counter space then a conventional tower.
I like what I see from the highest version of that dell, and space-saving would be nice but it's not too much of an issue. I honestly wouldn't mind a bigger chasis if it saved me money and allowed for better specs/ability to upgrade.

Originally Posted by keira lover
Get one with a dual core (or a 4 core if u can) processor. get as large a hard drive as you can, and as much RAM as you can afford (or, buy as little as you can, and order more from for a much better price. it's up to you). Get an optical drive with the ability to burn and read to DVD+/-/R/RW (which by default means it will burn to and read every form of CD). Make sure it has a lot of USB hubs, and if you can get it with firewire, go for it. When it comes to Operating System. I recommend Windows Vista Home premium, business, or ultimate. (go for ultimate if you can afford it) Make sure it has built in wi-fi. A built in webcam is optional, but nice to have.
Is built in wi-fi hard to find on a PC? That would be very ideal beacuse my house is wi-fi right now, but I'm using a shitty Dell usb receiver that I got three years ago.

And Flightfreak, I think you're right, I'm going to try to keep it under 1000 for sure. The worst case scenario is it would go over 1000 after the tax but I still think that's too much for my uses with the computer.

A few more computer questions:

How well do PC tablets work on a program like photoshop. Is it actually similar to drawing on paper, or does it work out more like a Nintendo DS. I can't quite wrap my mind around it. And what is a good price to pay for a pc tablet? Like 100?

Also, do most graphic cards have DVI output. Because I'll get a HD monitor, and DVI would be ideal (that's the best right? Or is it something else?)
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