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Laptop? More Like...Flap...crop...

Okay, I want to get a laptop, but I haff to ask a few questions about it because I'm not too good with hardware choices.

First of all I want a laptop that won't crap the bed on me like my last one did. It had an overheating problem (I think) and it would just shut down after about 45 minutes of use.

Is this a problem that all laptops go through? Was it just because I jammed a lot of useless crap into a cheap Gateway lappy?

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on some really good laptops. Any models that are worth having over a PC? (Or should I just opt for a PC since you get more bang for the buck?) Should I spring for a macbook and think dirty thoughts about Justin Long?

Any advice on the topic will be helpful as I'll probably purchase in a month or two.
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