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You dont get big muscles just by taking steroids
They enhance your ability to grow just like protein
powders, carb drinks, proper sleep, etc. (Not condoning
steroids here, they do have very bad consequences like
brain tumors). The huge growth is mainly thru working
out , working out , and working out. Bonds had to put
forth a ton of effort to get the additional muscle he has
acquired. Steroids help some but they didn't make it easy.
Athletes thru science have learned many ways to get
a better performance and steroids is only one way to get
an edge. I would much prefer to watch an American football
game by teams today than one between teams before weight
lifting became a big part of the performance edge. Today's
athletes are just better as a whole than those of previous
generations because of all those discovered "edge ups".
We think of guys like Babe Ruth as not having had an edge,
but there probably were some things he did beyond
his natural ability that his predecessors had not done in
his training regimen (I'm not talking about his celebrated
non training activities).

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