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But the point of contention is not whether Barry Bonds used steroids. (And again, he's tested multiple times, and EVERY time it has come out negative. If that is not scientific proof--and in today's world, scientific proof is everything--why must you go then by your own understanding? You judge, even when the measured facts are there, because you see with your eyes--and don't perceive with your mind [to quote the Gorillaz].) The question is rather, does he deserve the accolades that will be given him in the end? And, besides all the hoopla and slander, deep down, everyone must surely admit that he is a great player. (And on top of that, one must admit that he does have a big head, in more than one way. But that's him. Ty Cobb was a racist, but we don't talk about him. Babe Ruth was a womanizer and a heavy drinker, but everywhere he is celebrated as one of the greatest overall people in the history of baseball. You cannot expect every great player--and especially the best ones--to be angels.) You can cite as many pictures and measurements as you wish; but you cannot deny his abilities. I mean, he's still fairly worthy of the HOF even before 2001.

So really, get over the fact that he has had a string of crazy seasons. (Because in the scheme of things, doesn't he more or less deserve this, after the close calls in Pittsburgh against the Braves, and after the close call in 2002?) Because he's going to retire in a year or two. And he's had an awesome career. And as I've said, the more people bad-mouth him (even if it were true), it fuels him to perform at an even greater level. The more people raise doubts about him, the more he demands of himself to prove them wrong, and make them eat their words. It's his M.O. (I mean, if you see him in interviews, he is as honest a human being as you can get--honest, as in he will speak his mind, and not be afraid of those who disbelieve him. And the media finds that disconcerting; he wears no mask, even when he speaks to the media. What you see, is really what you get. He won't suck up to anyone, and he won't simply walk around things. If he's had a bad game, then he won't blame anyone else but himself. If he's had a good game, you'll see him jumping up for joy in left field. All that he has cared about for his entire career, is a World Series ring. Screw the records; he wants a ring--so badly, one can say that it haunts his dreams. And if something that unique haunts him like that, what can you say about him? The man has passion; he has desire; and if he felt that he needed to sacrifice himself for that purpose, to that purpose, then at least he tried, and he came up short. But a man's life cannot be judged merely on a small--but definitely integral--part of his life. And will you continue to vilify him? (One day, people will notice that this whole area of steroids in sports is a very, very vague and grey line. And the whole field of "performance-enhancing drugs" is a kind of misnomer. For the believer, even water is a performance-enhancing drug. So I think we should take away the right for players to drink water. I mean, it makes them better, doesn't it?)

(Again, I say that I do not condone the use of steroids or so-called "performance-enhancing drugs". I merely believe that people vilify this one man, even though there were so many out there at the time doing it. Why Bonds? I think Jose Canseco is a more despised human being than Bonds is, but it is really because Bonds is going to break Hank Aaron's record, and not have a home run plunk off his head.)
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